Fundraising for your future


Mr. Shaw (class of 2020 advisor) and Ariana Cross (class of 2020 president) look into the class of 2020 binder, filled with upcoming events and ideas for fundraising.

Tiffany Vuong, Reporter

Since Senior year activities are overpriced, the “Class Of” clubs start fundraising in freshman year to senior year. Each “Class Of” club has different priorities each year and different ways to get students involved.

So what is a “Class Of” club? Each “Class Of” club represents a graduating class, such as Class of 2019 (seniors), Class of 2020 (juniors), Class of 2021 (sophomores), and Class of 2022 (freshmen.) As the years progress, each “Class Of” club should be saving enough money to cover for their senior year activities.

The main priority for the Class of 2022 is to get their club up and running. Since the school year just started, Class of 2022 has yet to elect their president, vice president, advisor, and board members. Elections are normally held towards the end of the school year.

This is the first year that the Class of 2021 is fundraising and hosting various activities. With Mrs. Bennett as their advisor, Class of 2021 meets up once a week in the library to brainstorm fundraising ideas. A few weeks ago, Ireland Donovan (Class of 2021 president), suggested to sell Jamba Juice at Club Day. This passed the Health Code Regulations, and turned out to be a huge success. Sold for $5 per drink, Class of 2021 raised a good amount of money. This success will sure motivate the Class of 2021 Club to start fundraising frequently.

The Class of 2020 is actually quite the opposite: their advisor, Mr. Shaw doesn’t like fundraising and enjoys discussing about senior year activities instead. One of his goals is to “build comradery with all the students, so that way they feel like they’re a tight group.” Last year, the Class of 2020 “focused on school spirit,” Mr. Shaw tells the Spartan Oracle. Mr. Shaw now plans on focussing on fundraising this year, but also wants to get more juniors involved.

Class of 2020 president, Ariana Cross, also puts in her input. “We’re looking for helpers for Winter Formal hat will be taking place in the end of January and the first of February,” Cross tells the Spartan Oracle. The actual date of the Winter Formal is yet to be decided. Winter Formal is Class of 2020’s biggest event this year, and Cross hopes there will be a higher attendance in comparison to last year’s Sadie’s dance. Class of 2020 fundraises the most money from dances. In fact, that is their favorite way to fundraise. The Class of 2020 meets every Tuesday in Room 9; every junior is encouraged to come and share their ideas.

With senior activities right around the corner, Class of 2019 is now focussed on unifying all Spartan seniors. Class of 2019 president, Celine Busnelli, hopes to focus on “building class spirit. We’ve done a great job fundraising and as a result we have very affordable prom and grad nite prices for this year.. I definitely feel like there’s room for improvement in terms of unity between everybody.” Busnelli also hopes to  get a bigger variety of students to participate in senior events, since that is what makes senior year so memorable. “Besides all of that, us seniors are totally open to giving advice to other ‘Class Of’ clubs to have the best senior year possible. That’s something I also enjoy as a president,” Busnelli shares.

Every “Class Of” club has one common goal: to raise enough money to lower grad nite and prom tickets. Prom includes one “secret venue” to host the prom, a charter bus to the prom, and a dinner is provided. As many could imagine, the overall cost is expensive. Grad nite tickets have also gone up, since it is hosted at Disneyland almost every year. As Disneyland ticket prices increases, grad nite tickets also increase. Fundraising money for each “Class Of” club is important and necessary in order to have an easy, enjoyable senior year. Each club is open to new ideas, so make sure to stop by once a week to suggest any idea. Being a part of your “Class Of” club and attending any activity hosted by them is really helpful when it comes to fundraising. It also serves as a great opportunity to unify each graduating class.