Orcutt Academy and the fight against cancer


Riley Speer

Calista Carter talking about Childhood Cancer Awareness Week.

Orcutt Academy High School will finish off its Childhood Cancer Awareness Week on Friday with students sporting gold for “Go Gold” day; but for Calista Carter, it only marks the beginning.

This will be the fifth year that Orcutt Academy, led by junior Calista Carter, puts on the event to raise money to support childhood cancer. After losing her brother when she was ten to childhood cancer; she has been working hard by running various fundraisers to raise money to aid in researching neuroblastoma; a rare type of cancer mainly found in young children.

Calista has worked with a program called New Approaches to Neuroblastoma Treatment(NANT)as well as other afflicted families to put on the fundraisers. “The most I’ve raised in a year is $1,700; and then another family matched it so we raised $3,400 all together”.

Calista thinks that childhood cancer doesn’t get enough attention. “Cancer is something that can really change and ruin a kid’s childhood and it should be getting more attention”.

Carter’s fight against cancer doesn’t end there, however: “I don’t plan on stopping fundraising after high school. My goal in the future is to start a nonprofit that will help research childhood cancer.”