Top 10: Breads

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Top 10: Breads

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As the school year ramps up, so do our appetites. And, let’s face it, there’s nothing better to fill our high-school appetites than bread. Here is a list of the top ten breads compiled by the Spartan Oracle.


10) Pita – Pita has great flavor, and it pairs well with other foods. It’s only number ten on this list because it isn’t very popular. (But it should be.)


9) French – You can use this bread to make anything. For example, a baguette can really soothe your hungry stomach.  


8) Cinnamon – The King of Breakfast Bread cannot be overlooked. It can’t be place higher, sadly, because it is only good for breakfast. It combines the savory flavor of bread with the sweet-sticky goodness of a cinnamon roll.


7) Sourdough – It makes great toast, but is too dry on its own to make it any higher on the list.


6) Cornbread – An American classic that compliments a great “homey” meal.


5) Bagels – Bagels are a favorite breakfast bread, but they need toppings to truly shine.


4) Croissant – Some may say it isn’t a bread, but it’s just too good to exclude.


3) Pretzel Rolls –  Pretzel Rolls are a delicious match with any additives. You can make it into a sandwich or simply enjoy its soft, buttery texture on its own.


2) Hawaiian Rolls – It is the best bread for any occasion. It’s a sweet bread that can be served outside of the breakfast table, or can be served at a classy dinner party or even in a kindergartener’s school lunch.


1) Olive Garden Breadsticks – Honestly, when have you gone to Olive Garden and not eaten 224 and a half breadsticks? America’s favorite breadstick, and The Oracle’s favorite bread.

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