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Five unique things to look forward to this summer

Five unique things to look forward to this summer

Every student’s summer is different. For one, the majority of summer could be spent working, and for another, it could mean rewatching The Office in its entirety two to three times. Whatever summer has in store for you, I’ve compiled 5 unique things that I think all of us students can agree we’re somewhat anticipating to arrive. Take a look!

  1. A return to our childhoods in The Incredibles 2

Elastigirl, Violet, Dash, Jack-Jack, and Mr. Incredible return to the big screen this summer for the second installment in the Disney/Pixar blockbuster franchise. This time around, the focus of the movie is on Elastigirl and her return to superhero mode. However, this means that Mr. Incredible is left to an even bigger challenge, raising his own children. Incredibles 2 will most certainly draw a huge attraction this summer, and is set to release June 15th. And I cannot wait for it.

  1. More sleep!

Aw….sleep. How I dream to receive you in healthy and adequate doses. However it is the unfortunate reality we high school students must face when we don’t get enough sleep throughout the school year. That being said, with summer soon upon us, more sleep will find us. Hopefully. Without the need to wake up and get to school at 7:49, we can enjoy those late mornings waking up at 10:30, feeling well rested and refreshed. Keep it up Spartans, and look forward to the amount of hours you sleep increasing over the summer.

  1. Making new memories

Summer is filled with opportunities and memories waiting to be made. So why not be bold and go out and make some new memories? Some examples include going camping, adventuring out of state, going on a hike, and trying new foods. One specific way you could make new memories is going to the Mid-State fair! Who doesn’t love country music, seeing your favorite artists live, and eating funnel cakes? Whether or not you’re a fan of fairs and all of their glory, you shouldn’t miss out making new memories. Go out there and have fun, either here in town or in Paso Robles this summer.

  1. Listening to new music, including Drake’s new album

Summer will always bring hit songs along with it. Whether you’re into pop, rock and roll, rap, or blues, there will certainly be something new that is being released this summer in those genres. One artist that is certain to make the Billboard’s Top 100 is Drake, aka Aubrey Graham, the canadian rapper. The rapper is quite notorious for delivering both emotional, melancholic R&B songs and heavy-hitting rap tracks as well. His new album, which is confirmed to be named “Scorpion”, is set to drop sometime in June. Obviously, the album will include his top track “God’s Plan”, and also a new single he released this past week, entitled “I’m Upset”. Of course, Drake and many other artists will hear their own music being played all summer long.

  1. Quality time with friends and family

In the midst of the school year, we oftentimes forget to hang out with our own family members and own friends. Yet with summer, there is more free time, and more free time means more quality time to be spent with friends and family. So go out to lunch, spend the night at a friends house, play a board game, and talk at the kitchen counter for hours. In the end, spending time with friends and families is something that we can all look forward to this summer.

Hopefully this encouraged anyone who read this to go out and make this summer an unforgettable one! Have a great summer Spartans.

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