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Cons of waterparks

Summer is right around the corner and it is going to get hot. To cool down, many will race down to a local water park. But is it worth it?

Water parks are regulated and under the careful watch of lifeguards, but accidents are always waiting to happen. Slippery surfaces, many kids breaking the rules and UV rays are a recipe for disaster. Although there is a no running rule enforced by the lifeguards, there are simply too many people to keep track of. Therefore, there is always the potential of being taken out by an individual, typically a child, running near you, and falling on the wet surfaces around you, leading to a possible injury. Furthermore, the sun’s powerful UV rays beat down on the visitors all day, and even sunscreen has a hard time combatting it. Sunscreen is typically reliable, but when it is exposed to water, it will quickly wash off. Even “water-proof” sunscreen just delays its inevitable uselessness. So, sunscreen must be reapplied constantly, or, one must suffer and deal with the harmful and painful sunburn. This is further worsened by swimwear, which covers less skin, and the newly exposed skin is more susceptible to being sunburnt.

Waterparks are not extremely cheap either. One regular ticket to the Ravine waterpark is $28.99. This doesn’t account food bought within the park, or the gas brought to travel there. An alternative is the annual pass, which is $79.99, but many only attend waterparks during summer vacation when it is hot, defeating its annual purpose. Once the tickets are bought for each person, gas is accounted food and food money is rounded up, it is time to enter to the waterpark. And there is a lot of people.

Everyone has the same idea during a hot summer day, causing water parks to be crowded. A day can be spent mainly waiting in line for the few slides. Many water parks only have a few slides, wave pool and lazy river, which can only provide a few hours of entertainment. After going through this loop a few times, it is usually time to eat and go home.

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