The future for Isabella Melsheimer


Rachel Golden, Reporter

Isabella Melsheimer is an amazing senior at Orcutt Academy. Melsheimer is involved in several school activities, and plans to continue to excel next year at Scripps College.

Melsheimer got into several private liberal arts colleges, but ultimately chose to go to Scripps based on its location and the financial package they offered her. She plans to attend as an Anthropology/Sociology major, with a focus on politics, but is open to new and different opportunities as time progresses.

Melsheimer is looking forward to the atmosphere of a women’s college. She is excited about the prospect of having a feminist education, and is looking forward to being a part of different dance organizations.

When asked what she thinks made her most competitive to get into these schools, Melsheimer looks back to her sophomore and junior years of high school. During those years she focused more on studying and doing well in school than having a social life. In hindsight, however, she does not recommend doing this, and says that people should do what makes them happy instead.

In the end, Isabella Melsheimer is satisfied with her high school experience, saying, “I discovered my intellectual curiosity, and I really enjoy school.” The Spartan Oracle wishes Isabella the best in continuing her education.