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Prom rumors and expectations

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Prom rumors and expectations

Leyton Blackwell, Reporter

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Prom is a special time for high school students. From asking someone to go with you, to buying your dress, and getting flowers, prom is the event that high school students look forward to during their years in high school.

Orcutt Academy’s prom though is very different for students to plan their pre-prom activities. Since Orcutt Academy’s prom is secret and dinner is provided, this takes the weight off students shoulders of having to go get dinner and drive to prom and arrive in a fancy car. Although students get that stress lifted off their shoulders, students then spend their time wondering where the prom is going to be or what the dinner is going to be, and like most secrets rumors start to fly.

The major rumor that starts to spread is the location of the prom. Location of prom plays a very important role in your prom experience. When talking to students on where they hope the location some students had very low expectations at the schools capability of finding a location. Senior Tim Valadez said jokingly, “prom will probably be at Orcutt Junior High gym because it’s cheap and off campus.”  Margaret Sieg and Casey Thornton had some more serious rumors they heard. They said, “We heard it is at Madonna Inn and that’s disappointing because it is old and out of date.”

When asking students about what they hoped the dinner was the same pattern seem to show. Some students had low expectations for dinner while other had very high hopes. Senior Kathleen Merrill said sarcastically, “I just have this feeling that the dinner will be uncrustables because of all the health restrictions on food the school can serve.” Casey Thornton also said, “I hope the food is barbecue again.”

In the end we have learned that many people had varying expectations for prom. Every year rumors fly but on prom night itself, nearly everyone was impressed by both prom’s location( Madonna) and the delicious meal of chicken and pasta being served. 

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Prom rumors and expectations