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OUSD brings good health program, will self-defense be next?

Rayah Squibb, Editor

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Within the Orcutt Union School district, there is a consistent effort to educate students and help them become as well rounded as possible. However, there seems to be a missing link in schools, as students are knowledgeable yet unable to cope with difficult situations.

Students at our district junior high schools, specifically at Lakeview Junior High,  receive an excellent education. Specifically in the health department, when we looked into the curriculum, we saw students are subject to regular physical activity and take required health classes. They learn about sexual assault and the importance of consent, as well as how to take care of themselves. Many students don’t learn these important concepts until later, so we applaud LJHS for their efforts and education. One  area of growth, however,  is we at the Oracle believe all junior and senior high students need to know how to protect themselves in dangerous situations, not just avoid them.

A USA Today article pointed to self-defense as a possible helper in ensuring that children can defend themselves. Martial arts programs for both teachers and students provide a sense of safety and unity. Students can then use their training to protect themselves if they are ever put in compromising situations. Self-defense classes may also benefit the students’ mental health, as a sense of control over one’s self is linked to a positive self-image.

If the Orcutt Union School District were to require self-defense classes in Jr. High schools and the high schools, the students will be overall safer and less likely to be helpless in dangerous situations. The Spartan Oracle believes strongly in this and will be conducting research and  interviews over the next weeks to understand better the need for self-defense classes in our schools.

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Orcutt Academy High School News and Event
OUSD brings good health program, will self-defense be next?