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Norway in the 60's

Norway in the 60's

Norway in the 60's

Across the world in the 60s

You have all probably heard and learned about what America was doing in the 60s, but on the complete opposite side of the world, there were some interesting things going on that you might not know about. So I’m going to tell you a little bit about what the country of Norway was doing at this time.

During this time some major population movements had a huge impact on present-day-Norway. Two movements that made a big impact were the organized labour and the women’s movement. The labour movement made more jobs available, and it fought for better work conditions, including shorter hours and safer jobs for the people.

The women’s movement has fought for equality for women is society, equality between sexes, and equality between men and women. Some of things that were fought for was the right to divorce, equal representation, and the right to abortion was a big issue. This had impact on the Norwegian society that is still lasting today.

In the 60s Norway was in the beginning of drilling for oil, and some big companies wanted to drill for oil. Oil was found, for the first time, in 1969, and after that Norway transformed into a wealthy oil nation. Today Norway is one of the biggest exporters of oil, and that has made a huge impact on the Norwegian economy.

There has been a lot of things impacting how Norway is today, but these are definitely some of the bigger events that has impacted not only the people and the country, but also how Norway interacts with other countries in the world.

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