Music Fridays: Love it or leave it?



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There is a tradition at Orcutt Academy in which every Friday there are speakers set up in a hallway and music is played for all to enjoy. Though it is a tradition, not all traditions are liked by everyone; over half of the students of Orcutt Academy who were surveyed admitted they are not fond of the Music Fridays in the least.

54 randomly selected students were asked, “Do you like Music Fridays as they are right now? If you do not, would you like them more if they played a wider selection of music?” 53.6% of students said they did not like Music Fridays, while 89.7% of those students said they would enjoy Music Fridays if the music being played had a broader range or perhaps a more universally enjoyed taste. Only 33.3% of students said they did enjoy the music being played. The last 13.1% said they had absolutely no opinion on Music Fridays.

The data show much of the music being played is unenjoyable to many. Music Fridays have the potential to be a very fun event if the music had a broader genre range, and many others students agree.