Thursday’s spirit day

Orcutt Academy has had many diverse and creative spirit days leading up to homecoming from dressing up as your favorite disney character to the spartan blue out day. The spirit day for Thursday, September 29th, was to wear the color of your Zodiac sign, which were as follows: Aries and Scorpio- red, Taurus and Libra- green, Gemini- orange, Leo- yellow, Virgo and Capricorn- blue, Sagittarius, Cancer, and Aquarius- violet; and Pisces- indigo. Below are a couple of spirited Spartans showing off their true colors.


Jaymee Moyer, a capricorn, showing off her blue spirit.


Joey Orozco showing off his red as a Scorpio.


Noah Gaither, a Gemini, posing in his orange polo.


Devon Vauclin, showing his true form as a Taurus bull.


Lavinia Soto-Gomez, slaying the game by showing off her Pisces pride.


Tate Rosalinda, happily dancing in his nemo costume while showing the school his Pisces spirit.