The Heroes of OUSD

Kannon Dunne, Reporter

The staff here at Orcutt Union School District is the backbone that holds this school together. Like heroes, they help where they are needed, and they do so in tremendous ways. They are the well oiled machine that allows each school to run efficiently.

Alicia Penrod, an employee of OUSD has worked a multitude of jobs at the school district, ranging from an Office Assistant to a kitchen staff member. Among all of the odd jobs, Penrod noted that the most rewarding was working as a dance coach. She believes this job allowed her to grow the most because of her love for dance. While talking about this experience, she remembered her time building up the group from a club to an actual team. In the process, Penrod said “we didn’t just build a team, we built a family.”

With the future in mind, Penrod doesn’t have any specific goals. For now, she just wants to help in anyway she can. Penrod hopes that she can continue to build up the individuals at OA, and create a stronger team overall.

I guess this goes to show that not all heroes wear capes. District staff like Penrod sacrifice so much for the betterment of the Orcutt area, and the school district. They bring people together as a community, and spread hope to those who need it. Keep it up guys!