Top 10 Gaga

Lady Gaga is unarguably one of the most iconic artists of this generation. Of course almost everyone knows her hits, such as “Bad Romance” and “Poker Face.” However, she also has dropped many bangers that have gone under the radar, unnoticed. Below is a list of the top 10 underrated Lady Gaga songs (10 being the least underrated, 1 being the most underrated).


  1. Alejandro (Album: The Fame Monster)


Although many people know the song Alejandro by Lady Gaga, I believe that it isn’t given the recognition it deserves. Alejandro is LEGIT. In the music video, Gaga is featured wearing black pantsuit, looking as fierce as ever.


  1. Cake Like Lady Gaga (not featured on an album)


Not many people have heard the song Cake Like Lady Gaga. It was released in between Born This Way and ARTPOP, and is unlike any song Lady Gaga has ever released. Although the lyrics probably aren’t as good as the lyrics of her other songs, the beat is solid and the punchlines are amusing.


  1. Donatella (Album: ARTPOP)


In my opinion, Donatella by Lady Gaga is the most amusing song she has ever dropped. In the song, Gaga is referring to Donatella Versace, the famous designer. I jam to Donatella at least three times a week.


  1. Teeth (Album: The Fame Monster)


What do money, power, and sex have in common? All three are referenced heavily in the Lady Gaga song Teeth. The song has a western/country style beat that is extremely catchy. This song is one of my personal favorite Lady Gaga songs.

  1. Aura (ARTPOP)


Aura by Lady Gaga is the first song on the album ARTPOP. This song was also featured in the movie “Machete Kills,” in which Lady Gaga played the character Lady Chameleon.


  1. Jewels N’ Drugs (ARTPOP)


Just from the title of the song, you can tell it’s gonna be a total banger.Who doesn’t love jewels and drugs? In the song, Lady Gaga features rappers T.I., Twista, and Too $hort.


  1. ARTPOP/Venus/G.U.Y. (all released on the album ARTPOP)


I put these three songs together because they all shared a music video which was shot at Hearst Castle (ICONIC!!!). In the three songs, Gaga makes many references to both Roman and Greek mythology which makes them extremely unique, as well as extremely good.


  1. ScheiBe (Album: Born This Way)


One of my personal favorite songs by Lady Gaga is the song ScheiBe. In the song, Lady Gaga begins speaking some German as well as making up some words that have no meaning but that were intended to sound German. The beat is really solid, and the lyrics preach feministic values which makes the song even better.


  1. Speechless (Album: The Fame Monster)


The song Speechless by Lady Gaga leaves ME speechless. The lyrics tell a story of a break up, which isn’t a theme that appears much in Lady Gaga songs.


  1.  MANiCURE (Album: ARTPOP)


Currently, my favorite song by Lady Gaga is MANiCURE, and I honestly can’t believe that it isn’t a hit. In the song, Gaga talks about preparing oneself for a night on the town as well as being addicted to love, which are both pretty relatable topics. I HIGHLY recommend listening to this song.


Although Lady Gaga’s hits are amazing, I urge you to take the time to listen to the songs listed above as well as other less well known songs by Lady Gaga.