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Top Ten Things Mr. Gelotti Complains About and Mr. Shaw’s Solutions

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  • Dirty kids eating in his class


If you have ever walked into Gelotti’s class after lunch time, you understand that it always smells like old hot dogs and pond water. This is because all the dirty freshman leave their food crumbs and don’t know how to clean up after themselves. Mr. Shaw says to just lock his door at lunch.


  • Popularity contests (Best of’s, Prom Queen/King, Etc.)


Gelotti claims that popular and pretty people get rewarded daily so they shouldn’t get physically rewarded in contests like the best of’s or prom queen. For more on this: https://spartanoracle.com/16249/opinions/prom-royalty-an-open-letter-to-oahs-from-mr-gelotti/ Mr. Shaw says just don’t vote on them or organize a better system.


  • Early start times


Because statistics prove that it’s best for students to start class at at least 9 am, Gelotti stands firmly by the idea that Orcutt Academy should start at a later time. Mr. Shaw says, “Preach Gelotti!”


  • Sports early outs


“People who play sports basically don’t have a sixth period.” Mr. Shaw says, “Give them a mandatory PE class 6th period.”


  • AP test schedules


Scott claims that students are over tested during AP testing. He says that it is obsessive and unnecessary to test students like that. Michael says have students enroll at Hancock.


  • Cell phones


“Nobody is present in class anymore, they’re all just living in an alternate universe” (@ me next time, Mr. Gelotti.” Mr. Shaw says to make like Mr. Verch and give detentions for this.


  • Students who come to school to earn grades not learn


Going to class just for good grades means that you’re going to school for someone else, instead of really wanting to learn new information. Mr. Shaw says he agrees this is an issue, so write in your syllabus that you will not put any grades on Aeires and students will have to defend their learning at the end of each grading period to earn a grade.


  • Grade levels being by divided by age


Scott Gelotti thinks that classes should be sorted by maturity instead of grade level. Mr. Shaw says there aren’t enough Dougie Howsers to warrant another method.


  • Getting Close to Seniors and Losing them at Graduation


Mr. Gelotti hates everyone except the seniors, and he has great bonds with all of them. Graduation is sad for him because the only students he enjoys are leaving him. Mr. Shaw says he feels the same way, but there is the possibility of coffee and social media to bridge this wretched distance.


  • Being Interviewed


Gelotti struggled through this entire interview, and then proceeded to complain about it. Mr. Shaw is sad he wasn’t interviewed, so he wrote on another person’s article and will now complain that he wasn’t interviewed.

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Orcutt Academy High School News and Event
Top Ten Things Mr. Gelotti Complains About and Mr. Shaw’s Solutions