Ms. Nuño

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On this special edition of the Spartan Oracle, we wrote about someone local who we respect and are inspired by. I myself am writing about our counselor, Ms. Nuño.

Ms. Nuño is our new school guidance counselor who co-occupies room 26 with Mrs. Cedillo. She helps the students find new ways to cope with our anxiety, depression, and other problems that can arise in high school students. She is a person to vent to about these feelings and other personal problems. She connects with the students on a personal level and genuinely tries to help us face our problems and anxieties head on and find new ways to deal with them rather than bottle up. She is a kind woman with a kind heart. Though she is new to this school, she already has spirit and cares for the students here.

She inspires me because of her kind heart and her openness towards everyone. These are qualities I admire in a person and I aspire to have these same qualities. I also admire her patience and willingness to go at the pace a student who comes to her for help is comfortable with; she doesn’t rush them to tell her the problems unless it could be a serious situation that puts the health of the student at risk.
Ms. Nuño, thank you for all you have already done and we already know you will do a lot more to help the students here. I hope you enjoy Orcutt Academy and will continue to be here for a while.