Fool Me (Bey)Oncé, Shame on You… Fool Me (Bey)Twice?


Unless you have been living under a rock for the past several weeks, you have probably heard that pop icon Beyoncé Knowles is pregnant with not one, but TWO of Jay-Z’s spawn. However, consider the possibility that the media has pulled the wool over your eyes once again, and Beyoncé isn’t actually bearing Jay-Z’s fruit within her womb.

After Beyoncé’s first alleged pregnancy was announced, there was a scandalous video released which raised many eyebrows. In the video, Beyoncé is shown sitting down for an interview. However, as she goes to sit down her “baby bump” appears to flatten into a frisbee-like shape. Unless her fetus was made of elastic, it probably wasn’t going to contort into such a shape. In addition, wouldn’t it make sense for Beyonce, societal icon, to want to maintain her physique? It is logical to assume that a pregnancy can potentially take a toll on one’s body (i.e. stretch marks, baby weight, etc.). To avoid that, is it possible that Beyonce paid for a surrogate, using a fake pregnancy belly to give the facade of a baby growing in her womb?

Now, think about Beyoncé’s most recent pregnancy announcement. According to her, she is carrying twins. Did she actually conceive the babies naturally? Is it crazy to suggest these babies were conceived via in vitro? Isn’t it crazy to think that a talented, beautiful celebrity like Beyoncé would be blessed with twins on top of everything else she has in her life? Consider this: Beyoncé and Jay Z opted to use a surrogate to carry their children. This would explain not only the baby bump incident during her first pregnancy, but also the occurrence of twins in her second pregnancy. Twins are quite rare when they are conceived naturally. However, twins occur much more frequently when the zygotes are implanted through in vitro fertilization. One could surmise that Beyoncé and Jay Z paid for a surrogate to carry their child so Beyoncé could maintain her figure.

If Beyoncé is really pregnant, and she reads this article, she should be flattered that she looks so good while pregnant that people actually question the validity of her pregnancy.

(Here is a link to the video of Beyoncé’s flattened baby bump.‬ )