¨How the Grinch Stole Christmas¨ Movie Review


In the loving, friendly and jolly town of Whoville, lived the Whos. The Whos were all about Christmas time, and they loved holiday cheer. Everyone was caring and thoughtful; all except one…

A green-colored man, the Grinch, who lived deep in the caves of the mountains, absolutely hated everything and anything about Christmas. Every year when Christmas time would come around, he would always try and find ways to ruin Christmas for Whoville, until one year something changed. A young girl, Cindy Lou Who, first encounters the Grinch in her father’s workshop. After their first meeting, Cindy Lou Who knows there is good in the Grinch, and intends to prove everyone else wrong.

The Grinch, (Jim Carrey) hating Christmas spirit and all, found times where he too thought he was liking the Christmas cheer. He didn’t always hate Christmas time. But ever since he was laughed at by his classmates for shaving, he vowed to always hate Christmas. Cindy Lou Who, played by Taylor Momsen, is a sweet, confident, little girl. Since she met the Grinch, she is determined to prove to not only the people, but also to the Grinch, that he truly is good. Along the way, both Cindy and the Grinch come across road blocks, but with the help of the Whos and Christmas cheer, they are able to breakthrough and restore peace in Whoville.

Both Jim Carrey and Taylor Momsen bring the film to life with great enthusiasm, true Christmas cheer, and friendship that makes this movie so enjoyable and heartwarming. Along with the actors, the director, Ron Howard also does a fantastic job at portraying the characters and making them come to life. Another huge part of the cast is the makeup and wardrobe crew, they did a phenomenal job on the character’s’ appearance and definitely made a huge impact on the film.