The Democratic Party platform begins by showing to its readers that the Democratic Party firmly believes that we are stronger together than apart. The Democratic Party praises Obama for his work as President of the United States, as well as the American people for their hard work in these trying times. However, the Democratic Platform does place blame on Republican policies for the Great Recession of 2008. The party also takes a stand on the racial and wealth equality gap, stating that there is a lot of work to be done in order to achieve the equality of all people in our country. In the Democratic Party, it is made clear that they believe without bipartisan cooperation, nothing worth doing will be achieved. In all, one major theme was reiterated throughout the Democratic Platform: inclusion.

We are stronger together than apart…

In the Democratic Platform, the Party took a stand on how they plan to deal with Wall Street by saying, “We must tackle dangerous risks in big banks and elsewhere in the financial system”. The Democrats sided with the small- and medium-sized businesses of America by ensuring the doling of affordable loans to them. In addition, the Democratic Party aims to cut down the excessive fees imposed upon the American consumer. If elected for the next term this November, the Democratic Party plans to pick up where President Obama left off with the Dodd-Frank financial reform law. They also anticipate that there will be attempts to weaken this reform law.

The Democratic Party believes in order to rebuild the middle class, we must improve the salaries for the employees, and provide safer working conditions.  It is believed they will also need a higher income to be able to support their families.  To raise the salaries of the employees, we must raise the workers’ minimum wages to $15 per hour in the federal government.  To further support the employees, the Democratic Party believes that the workers should have the right to join a union, and have freedom of choice when joining a union.  This way, the union will work with each other to improve the working conditions and the wages, on top of the government working to improve the same areas.  Instead of spending trillions of dollars on contracts, loans, and grants, the Democratic Party will save some to support employees and raise their salaries.  

To raise the salaries of the employees, we must raise the workers’ minimum wages to $15 per hour in the federal government…

If the middle class were to be rebuilt in this manner, this means that the economy would be much better with workers doing their best and going above and beyond the call of duty to do their job, instead of them having to constantly fight the employers for a decent paying job.  This way, their salaries would be raised for their hard work; therefore, making them able to support their families and the workers that are part of their union.  The union they join will work hard to support their wages and the working conditions so that the workers can do better jobs, because the Democratic Party believes that when workers are strong, then America is strong.

The Democratic party believes America must lead the world to grow our economy.  They also believe that when America leads, it must be as a principled force for peace and prosperity in the world.  We further believe that we should only send our troops into battle when the threat is clear and when our troops have what they need to carry out in the mission.  These principles have showed a lot of progress in the past eight years.  

When America leads, it must be as a principled force for peace and prosperity in the world…

The Democratic party also believes America must continue to have the strongest military in the world.  We must prioritize military readiness by making sure our Reserve, Active, and National Guard remain the best equipped and trained in the world.  The Democratic party believes we must end the waste in our defensive budget.  America has to take care of our veterans and people who have put there life on the line to defend our country.  Democrats also honor the sacrifice of military families that have to serve right beside our troops and service members.   

Democrats protect and strengthen our country’s global impact. From upgrading security, promoting peace, confronting global threats, and ensuring war is the last resort, Democrats believe development is a big process and a key point in coming together. Taking a big leap towards greater publicity, terrorism is becoming more known around the world. Violating freedom and religion, terrorism infringes towards people´s rights to choose their own religion, and goes against the people´s freedom. The Democratic party is working to eliminate terrorism by keeping their technology safe and strong, always making sure it is secure.

Cyber Security and Online Privacy are other key points leaning towards the Democrat’s necessities. Protecting our country and government, they make it their goal to improve the privacy and security of American people. Along with Cyber Security, Democrats are committed to preventing the spread of these weapons and tests, and eventually ridding the planet of these catastrophic weapons. Being the most known commotion across the globe, Global Climate Change is striking everywhere and everyone, leaving major effects towards the place and people. Droughts, pollution, floods, earthquakes, and tornadoes, are only a few of hundreds events happening across the world. Many threats fill the world with problems and situations, but with help and the right leader, Democrats believe we will be able to find solutions and solve problems.

An important topic to Democrats is every citizen’s right to vote. The Democratic Party “Supports fully funding the Help America Vote Act” as well as ensuring that corporations do not have an unfair say in elections. The Democratic party believes that every individual citizen has the right to vote Alongside this, Democrats support appointing judges who enforce justice and liberty, as well as protect every woman’s right to abortion.

Global Climate Change is striking everywhere and everyone…

The Democratic Party is also a huge supporter of protecting the climate and providing environmental justice. Sustainable energy is a possible source of jobs and climate control to Democrats. The Democratic goal is to obtain 50% of our electricity from clean energy sources.

In addition to preservation of the environment, the Democratic Party supports the right to affordable education and debt-free education for all citizens.This includes black and minority students. Specifically, debt-free college is a long-term goal of the Democratic agenda.

Democrats are also committed to ending gender discrimination in all areas of life…

The Democratic Party has a strong belief in furthering and guaranteeing the rights of all Americans. Democrats stand for the end of discrimination and, “Ensuring full equality.” These civil rights will protect someone from being discriminated against based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability. The Democratic Party believes in speaking out against intolerance. Democrats are also committed to ending gender discrimination in all areas of life, specifically the challenges that face women of color. Democrats will also continue to fight for LGBTQ+ rights, or, “The continued development of sex discrimination law to cover LGBT people.” It is important that the Democratic Party continues to fight for equality, as many different groups in America are still not enjoying the rights they deserve.

The Democrats are also in support of Americans who wish to serve, stating one of their goals that, “every American who wants to participate in full-time national service will have the opportunity to do so.” The Party also respects faith as it inspires, “Countless acts of justice, mercy, and tolerance.”

Furthermore, one of the many goals and promises of the Democratic Platform is to help remove barriers in the United States. They hope to end the wage gap that has made people of color, members of the LGBTQ+ community, disabled people, and younger people earn less than a white person in their same job with the same experience and to end the wage gap between men and women who do the same jobs. They hope help re-create the trust between our police forces and the black community which has been broken due to inequalities in our justice system which is also to be reformed. To end institutional and systemic racism as well as racial profiling in our society which has kept our country in high levels of tension for years. A promise of the party platform is to also fix our broken immigration system. No one should have to have the “If I get deported” talk with their children and no one should have to come through the border through Coyotes, the common name for human smugglers then hide in the shadows until they can get their citizenship. We should expand our access to citizenship and the English language and make our immigration system more culturally appropriate in order to help make our country more open and welcome to immigrants who wish to come here for a better life compared to the one they had at home. These are beliefs that align with what the majority of democrats believe as an American citizen.

…end institutional and systemic racism as well as racial profiling in our society…

In an attempt to better the economy, the Democrats believe in investing in a rural and agricultural economy. They plan to support small farmers and encourage family farm programs. The Party is committed to ending poverty. In addition to supporting rural America, they will attempt to better our economy by investing in run-down communities in which the majority of the population is living in poverty. They will also support bigger cities and metro areas. Democrats also believe in ending the hunger of our children through supporting anti-hunger programs.

Another promise of the Democratic Platform is to ensure the health and safety of all in the United States. Firstly, universal healthcare is a major goal to achieve. One should not have to go into debt because they had to go to the hospital to get treatment for cancer, to have a baby, or because they went to have a necessary operation that could save their life. By passing the Affordable Care Act, over twenty million Americans were covered and countless others were guaranteed to never be denied care due to a pre-existing condition. The platform promises to support local health clinics and centers including Planned Parenthood to help out those who need their assistance rather than de-fund them.

The security of reproductive health for people- including safe abortion- is a right the women of our nation…

The security of reproductive health for people- including safe abortion- is a right the women of our nation should have without having to fear those who say they are wrong. The Platform promises to cut the costs of prescription drugs for those who need them. Among these things are necessities such as epi-pens and other health tools. They also promise to help improve the treatments for mental health both with our average citizens and our veterans who come back from serving our country with PTSD and other mental health issues only to be given wrongful treatment or none at all leading many former veterans to alcoholism and drugs. They also promise to end violence against women whether it happens at home, on the street, at their schools, in the military, or elsewhere. They promise to push the Violence Against Women Act to provide law enforcement with the tools they will need to combat the problem and provide help for victims and survivors of violence and assault. They promise to bring an end to sexual assault both on college campuses and in the real world is an outspoken Democratic view.

In addition, the Democratic Party is in support of universal rights. The autocrats are imprisoning those who speak out for freedom, while the Democrats are supporting Americans for it is our right to question. They are in support of; honest police officers, free press, religious freedom, equality for women and minorities, etc.

The development assistance is in charge of administrative side of development and public activities. Democrats believe it is “An essential instrument of American power.” It won’t take more than one-percent of the federal budget. It has helped shorten extreme poverty by one-half, reduce global hunger, and even provide food security. They support all of the development assistance efforts and will also learn from conflicts and use them to fix civilian capacity and reduce the probability of other conflicts.

Additionally, the Democrats are fighting to end child labor and hopefully be able to give those jobs to adults who need them. Furthermore with jobs, Democrats also support good paying jobs that can support a middle-class life. For example jobs like being a nurse, firefighter, teacher, construction worker, and small business owners. Democrats are also committed to do everything they can to build a full-employment economy and where everyone has a job to support their family. Within the last century, Democrats have had a lot of success as their leaders came together across the aisle to electrify the nation. They also built the Interstate Highway system and they sent a man to the moon.

Democrats are also planning to build energy and water systems. They  want to modernize our schools, and to continue to support the expansion of high-speed broadband networks. Democrats are planning to protect the communities from the impact of climate change and help them to mitigate its effects by investing in green and resilient infrastructure.

The party believes that keeping steady and deepening relationships with our allies…

Leadership is another important virtue to the Democratic party. They want leaders that will keep everything safe and not abandon ties we have with other countries. The party believes that keeping steady and deepening relationships with our allies and building better relationships with those who aren’t. They want to stay with NATO and keep allies where they find them. Going against North Korean oppression is another goal as well as supporting and securing the countries who are having large influxes of refugees. The obvious goal to eliminate ISIS and the terror groups in the middle east is there as well.

All of these ideas are things worth fighting for according to the Democratic Party. Strengthening our ties will help us become better in economy and better with allies. Helping push back against North Korea and eliminating terror groups is obviously going to help our peace, both in America and worldwide. Helping with the influxes of refugees will also further our relations with those countries. Overall keeping allies and deepening/creating new relations is a prominent goal of the Democratic Party.