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Do students like assigned reading?

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To Kill a Mockingbird. Haroun and the Sea of Stories. Fahrenheit 451. These are all books given to freshmen to read in Honors English class. Most students sigh and complain about having to read another book, especially since it was assigned by the teacher. Is assigning books for students to read really effective? Do students like assigned reading for English?

After talking to students around the school about what they prefer; the majority of people want to choose their own book. Giving the students the freedom they want with choosing their book can have a negative and positive effect. As Mr.Fredriks and Spider-man always say, “With great freedom comes great responsibility.” Not all students are as responsible as expected and can take advantage of the trust they have.The real question is if the students get to choose their own book, will they really read it? There is no doubt that some students don’t read the assigned books, so will they read the book of their choice?

A way to set this evenly for the students and teachers, which was suggested to me by a student, is having a selection of books for students to choose from and in the beginning of the year the class can vote on what books they are going to read. After deciding what books were chosen the teacher can assign them as wanted. On the other hand, if different class periods vote for different books that can be hard to handle and get the curriculum together. In my opinion this idea is to complicated and won’t work out.

While it may seem like a good idea to self-select,  students should be assigned books rather than choose their own book. It really annoys me when I hear people complain about having to read what was assigned, especially when the books have good stories. We should be happy that we aren’t reading some boring book with no fantasy or meaning. I think freshmen just like to complain and being freshmen, trust me, I would know.

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Do students like assigned reading?