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Vivian Meyer
Hi, I’m Vivian Meyer. As a sophomore reporter, I'm so excited to be writing for the Spartan Oracle. My main goal in this class is to eventually be on the video team so that I may provide informational and entertaining video announcements. I’m also looking forward to composing various unbiased and informative articles about school activities, sports, and issues. In the future, I hope to write articles that cover local and world news. Although my main hobby is learning musical instruments, I also love to play  tennis and teach perfect pitch. I’m a part of the OA girls golf team as well as the school band as I play the oboe and saxophone. My friends and I have an Instagram account for our jazz band: @vivian.and.the.nonsense. After I complete college, I hope to succeed in my future profession as an opthamologist. 

Vivian Meyer, Reporter

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Vivian Meyer