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Kris Gilbertson
Hello there Spartans. My name is Kris Gilbertson. I am currently a junior working as a reporter for the Spartan Oracle . I’m very excited to bring new and interesting content to everybody at Orcutt Academy. I pride myself on not only reporting on events that matter, but being sure everything I produce is accurate and entertaining. My goal is to bring unbiased content about the issues being raised here at Orcutt Academy. Focusing mostly on the issues students want to see change in, I hope to be a voice for everybody at Orcutt Academy. I enjoy the natural side of things. You can frequently find me mountain biking  with friends at Orcutt Hill after school or fishing on the weekends. After high school, I will likely go to a four year university out of state and pursue a law degree. If any of that interests you, feel free to shoot me a follow on Instagram, @gibby.gilberto. See ya around Spartans!


Kris Gilbertson, Reporter

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Kris Gilbertson