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Hayley Parker
I’m a senior this year at Orcutt Academy High School, as well as this year’s ASB Vice President! These past three years have been a dream; Orcutt Academy High School has provided me with a wonderful environment filled with amazing students, staff, and classes that make me look forward to going to school every day. When I’m not doing school duties, I enjoy expressing my artistic side through writing, drawing, music, theater, or design. I also play the piano so I enjoy unwinding by playing music whenever I can. I am also an extremely social person so I love to do activities with my friends, family, and church often. This is my third year in journalism, in which I hope to be a second-year editor for our e-newspaper. I am beyond excited for journalism this year, and I cannot wait to see what my fourth and final year of high school holds. 


Hayley Parker, Editor

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Hayley Parker