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Anabella Decker
Hello, my name is Anabella Decker. I am a senior at Orcutt Academy High School, and this is my first year of being a Spartan Oracle journalist. I live with a younger sister-who is actually taller than me - and my parents in Orcutt, California along with our four dogs. We board our horses and miniature pony nearby, and are usually in the middle of one equine crisis or another. I intend to make reading about current events interesting, even  a bit humorous, while still maintaining a certain level of integrity. My particular focuses are in world news, politics, and culture. I spend as much of my free time as possible either traveling or baking. My favorite place in the world is at a table inside Whittiard of Chelsea, a tea room in London with the best breakfast tea and shortbread. I want to study to be a surgical pathologist, and make a difference in patients’ lives. I actively use social media, mainly Instagram, at the handle @_book_horse_lover. 


Anabella Decker, Reporter

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Anabella Decker