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The arts of OA

The arts of OA

March 16, 2019

Double the Christmas, double the fun

Hope Davidson

December 18, 2018

What is my family’s Christmas tradition you may ask? Well, in my family, we have no unique traditions. We do the traditional Christmas activities such as getting a tree, eating Christmas foods, and opening presents on Christmas...

Elf and crepes

Robbie Birch, Reporter

December 18, 2018

Every Christmas morning, my family wakes up at about 8 o’clock. We then sit around our living room, my step-dad then starts making crepes, and I put on Elf, which in fact, is the best Christmas movie to exist, so don’t @ me. ...

Time with family

Sean Thornton, Reporter

December 18, 2018

During the holidays, I spend a lot of time with my family. During the time that leads up to Christmas, me and my family watch christmas movies and put up decorations- spending time together to get into the Christmas spirit. Once...

Hectic holidays with the Heaths

Peyton Heath, Reporter

December 18, 2018

With eight people in my house, the holidays are pretty hectic. However, we are still able to have traditions that we do every year. A few of the traditions are; my mom filling the DVR with cheesy Hallmark and Lifetime movies, my si...

The Nativity Scene

Matt La Rocco, Reporter

December 18, 2018

My family is Catholic, and our Christmas has always included prayers, thanks, and Christmas Eve masses. One of the traditions my family has is setting up the nativity scene in my grandparent’s front yard. Every year, my cousin,...

And there goes my dinner… again

G. Lam, Reporter

December 18, 2018

If I was to describe my past Christmas experiences in one word, I would choose “chaotic”. Coming from a blended family with ten children, I grew up never knowing the prospect of quiet or calm. Most of my memories consist of...

Professional panhandling

Eston Williams, Reporter

December 18, 2018

My favorite holiday tradition is ringing the bells for the Salvation Army. Each year, my family along with some of our closest friends come together to help fundraise for the Salvation Army. We gather many different types of...

Away in a manger

Caden McCune, Reporter

December 18, 2018

Since I was a little kid, every year my family would do several traditions for Christmas. One of my favorites would have to be when we would get our homemade manger out. At some point before I was born, my grandpa made a manger...

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