Opinion: European Super League

In the past couple of weeks, talks for a new European football league referred to as the “Super League” have begun, receiving backlash from many players and staff and curiosity from many fans. Currently, Europe has many separate football, or soccer leagues around the country with some notable standouts including the Premier League and La Liga located in Spain. The Super League will take around twelve of Europe’s leading teams and have them compete in weekly matches, while also still taking part in their domestic league’s competitions. This proposed idea has struck up lots of controversy with fans, players, and club owners as well, with many arguing that it is nothing but a “money-mongering business” that could severely damage the integrity of the sport. The start of this new league will most likely divide lots of the leagues spread across Europe, and will give the leagues founding teams the opportunity to make themselves into franchises with the capability to make millions. Of course, the driving force behind the start of the Super League besides the money, is to give fans top tier entertainment with games between the top teams in the world to be held weekly. Now in my opinion, I see the cons heavily outweighing the pros in the ideas proposed for the new league. First off, the team selection for the league has already sparked a problem with top teams being left out and low ranked teams somehow making the cut, giving no true sense of fairness. Along with this, lower ranked clubs who don’t make it in are going to be put in very difficult financial spots, with predictions that viewership for weaker teams will plummet. At the end of the day, many including myself hope that whatever decisions are made will help spread the game of football and continue the legacy and culture the sport has cultivated.