Santa Maria opens COVID-19 Vaccine Center

Last Thursday, centers for the COVID-19 vaccine opened up all across California. This includes one in Santa Maria located at Allan Hancock. Citizens of Santa Barbara country above or at the age of 16 were able to receive their first dose of the vaccine and will have the opportunity to get the second injection in a month. The vaccine was distributed by Pfizer and 10,550 doses were given out in total. Unfortunately, the clinic ended on the 11th but there will surely be many more opportunities to receive a shot. Here is some in depth information about what the vaccine is and some facts to help dissolve some skepticism of the injection.

The first thing to know about the Pfizer vaccine is that it is 95% effective in stopping the symptoms of COVID-19. Although you may contract symptoms such as arm pain, nausea, or a fever after the initial injection, they should wear off fairly quickly and having those symptoms does not mean you have COVID-19. In fact, it’s not even possible for the vaccine to give any type of COVID-19. Essentially the vaccine injects you with an S protein that’s found on a spike on a  coronavirus. This spike sets off a reaction that starts with the messenger RNA giving cells instructions on how to make the S protein. Once enough of the S proteins are made, the immune system recognizes that the protein isn’t supposed to be there and begins to make the body immune by creating antibodies. In conclusion, the vaccine is safe and very worth it.