Vaccine Update

As the month of April begins, many residents living in Santa Barbara County hope to see the continued fall of coronavirus cases with the rise of the vaccinated population. For the past several weeks, SB County has seen the same downward trend with the numbers now reaching a plateau of around thirty. With around 32% of California’s population having at least one dose of the vaccine, resulting in 12.6 million people, many see the numbers to continue their negative trend. According to California’s COVID-19 website on April 1st, “With all Californians aged 50 or over now eligible to be vaccinated against COVID-19, Governor Gavin Newsom today received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine at a vaccination site in South Los Angeles, encouraging Californians to get vaccinated when it is their turn.” When looking at how the country is doing as a whole with the fight against the virus, there is lots of hope to be seen. Cases have been descending since February, with small dips and rises along the way. Similar to California though, cases countrywide have seem to come to a flat line at around 60,000 new cases a day, with 30% of the entire population having at least one dose of the vaccine. These flatlines have experts warning of possible spikes, and to stay on top of COVID prevention practices until told not too. As the country looks to be working towards immunity, many rejoice with the practices of life before the pandemic seem to on the horizon.