The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

After an explosive run from the studio over at Marvel, WandaVision finally wrapped up after it’s ninth and final episode which aired March 5th. Thankfully Marvel fans don’t have to worry too much about being deprived of any content since The Falcon and The WInter Soldier aired only one week after the finale of WandaVision. Currently, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier seems to be a show returning to Marvel’s usal superfighting formula. Some may say that this show might be more for those Marvel fans who enjoy mostly normal movies such as the Captain America and the Iron Man movies. This mini series offers a warm welcome back to fans who were not so pleased by the mental ride that was WandaVision.


Currently as of Friday, April 2nd, three episodes of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier have been released with the third and latest episode airing Friday, April 2. The story follows the aftermath of what was Avengers Endgame. Now that Captain America (Steve Rogers) has passed away, it is up to The Falcon to carry the legacy of the shield. Sebastian Stan’s character, Bucky Barnes, also known as The Winter Soldier, is also there along for the ride. However, things get heated when a “new” Captain America is introduced to the world by the government in order to fill up the gap that was created when Steve originally passed. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier are both aggravated by this, so they set out on a buddy comedy adventure in order to hopefully regain Captain America’s legendary shield. 


The show will have fewer episodes than WandaVision, with only six. To make up for the small number of episodes, each will have an average run time of about fifty minutes in contrast to the 30 minute episodes of WandaVision.