The Oscars 2021

One thing that has certainly changed throughout this pandemic is the overall enjoyment and production of movies. Naturally some would wonder if movies are even worth the risk to watch in movie theaters. Disney Plus has taken advantage of this and has recently released movies that would have been shown in theaters on an exclusive pay to watch service. If movies have had poor success this year, then how will the Oscars perform in 2021? Luckily the Oscars will not be cancelled this year, and in actuality, an impressive amount of films have been nominated. In comparison to the Grammys, The Oscars will not hold their event via zoom, but instead there will be an in person event outside where the nominees are welcome to attend. For those who are unable to attend, the producers have stated that there will in fact not be a way to zoom into the event as there will be no zoom set up. 


Producers Steven Soderbergh, Stacy Sher, and Jesse Collins have gone into great lengths to assure the public and the attendees that the Oscars will be a safe and enjoyable experience for anyone attending in person. And since there is a restriction in traveling, the broadcast will air from multiple locations. “ The Academy is determined to present an Oscars line no other…” “…while prioritizing the public health and safety for all those who will participate,” the spokesperson said in a statement.