Commited to the Job

We all have responsibilities, and we all are expected to follow through with them. But when does that expectation cross the line? Are we meant to follow through with things, even in dire emergencies? Apparently, yes you are, especially if you are Dr. Scott Green.

Dr. Scott Green was called upon for a trial in Sacramento by a court clerk. Because of the current situation we are all in, especially in COVID hotspots like most of California, Green was called to the court virtually. He showed up on call during an operation. A surgical operation.

After being asked by the clerk to confirm where he was, he assured them he was, in fact, performing a live surgery and simultaneously still available for trial. The judge proceeded to tell Green how this was not appropriate behavior for the wellbeing and safety of the patient, to which Green promptly apologized.

He tried explaining his situation before being interrupted by the judge about how “it happens”, and the patient’s health comes first, along with their privacy, seeing as traffic courtroom trials are, by law, to be accessible to the public.