Spartan Speaks

Introduction: Quarantine is something we all have experienced. We wanted to focus on the positive aspects of it even though it has been hard for everyone. Like all things though, there is always a bright side to everything. Quarantine has given all of us lots of time to try new things. There is something new everyone has tried with this quarantine that has made a positive impact in their life.  Here are some responses from Spartans telling their positives from quarantine.


Question: “What is one good thing like a hobby or skill for example, that you gained from quarantine that has had a positive impact on your life?”

 Chyanna Tell: “A hobby I got into recently was painting. Since I had extra time due to quarantine, painting helped a lot of time go by. It’s definitely been a positive impact on my life because it’s a good stress reliever from all the crazy things that went on in 2020.”

Giselle Calderon: “I learned how to not care about what people think about the things I do has been a positive thing for me. For example, not caring what people think about me working out or eating and I began focusing more on my goals and priorities in life. I’ve learned how to speak up for myself when in a sticky situation with an adult as well and not choke.”

Erynn Padhal: “One skill or hobby that I got from quarantine that has been positive, is going out and riding my bike around my neighborhood and enjoying the fresh air.”

Sophia Molina: “A skill I’ve learned from this quarantine that has been positive, was people skills. Learning how to talk to them I guess you could say and interact mostly in the customer service way but having the step out of that comfort zone has now made it easier to interact with strangers too. It’s made a positive impact on me personally because of those random conversations tend to be good ones that can brighten someone’s day and it’s a great skill needed for life.”

Azriel Antonio: “One new hobby that I gained that has been positive, was creating my own music. It’s actually okay, but I found a new outlet to channel my creativity. I want to minor in music production now to follow this interest and see where it leads.”

Isaac Weichinger: “Over quarantine I got really into surfing. Before covid, I was really into boogie boarding, but I decided to change it up last year. I have a basic soft top, Wavestorm Surfboard. I usually go out to Pismo once or twice a week.”

Diaminsol Malicdem: “A skill I have gained from quarantine that has been positive was being more independent. I had to be more independent as in figuring out some stuff on my own because I wasn’t at school to get that extra help.”

Angelina Cangelosi: “Quarantine has taught me to have more self discipline and become more concentrated with school.  This has made me more productive and feeling better.”

Itzel Quezada: “One hobby/skill that I gained from quarantine is baking, I would say it has a positive impact because I used to be a horrible baker but now I can bake good !”

Megan Montgomery: “One good thing to come from quarantine is that I’ve talked to my long distance friends and family much more than I normally would! We’ve used video chatting to keep in contact, and it has been a wonderful way to keep all of our spirits lifted.”

Roman Torres: “Over quarantine, I’ve learned how to find my style of dressing, and since then started to find different clothes to wear.  This has positively impacted my life as it has helped me gain more confidence, and personal care.”

Carlie Paskett: “During COVID quarantine, I got back into painting small things, and leaning closer to my religious point of view.  I have started to read my Bible more, and connecting with myself to become more confident with myself.”

Luisiah Garcia: “Quarantine has allowed me to focus and concentrate on school and my academic achievements as I am solely focused on listening and doing my work than being around others, distracted.  I will carry this on as well when I get back to school and learn to be productive there too.”

Zachary Lopez: “A new hobby I picked up during quarantine was Rubik’s cube solving.  I set a record of 23 seconds for myself solving it multiple times and it keeps me productive outside of school.”

Cody Funkhouser: “Although quarantine hasn’t been the best, I have learned to manage my time more efficiently and this has led me to be more productive and organized.”

Belinda Hernandez: “Quarantine has given me time to improve my organization, and manage my time more efficiently.”

Esmeralda Soria: “One good thing that came out of quarantine has been learning to take care of myself.  Over quarantine, I have learned new methos of self care and self respect such as going to the gym and exercising, redoing my room to benefit me for school, and a job to keep me busy and productive.  These small things have helped me pass quarantine better.”

Abraham Villanueva: “Like any other student going through quarantine I feel that there’s no substitute for being in class and being able to interact with others. However, I can not say that I haven’t benefited from not being able to go to school in person. Distant learning has helped me gain great study habits and learning skills. I have found myself more independent than I was last year. Along with benefiting academically I have also found time to focus on myself and my health. Over the past couple of months I have been able to workout more often and lose weight whilst also gaining muscle mass.  But, as I said before like any other student I can’t wait to go back to school in person.”

Logan Landress: “At the start of quarantine, I felt unfit and unhealthy with so much inactivity, and decided to start a workout routine to help me pass the time and stay in shape.  This routine has helped me pass quarantine well, and gain confidence.

Belen Roldan: “I learned how to be productive.  It might sound general, but before the pandemic, I was used to having people do things for me.  I reiled on teachers, counselors, and my parents too much without realizing.  However, living the pandemic has helped me focus on the fact that I need to make decisions for myself, and take control of my life entirely.  Productivity is scheduling, being organized, and managing time efficiently.”