High School Football Returns

As we all know, students at Orcutt Academy High School will be returning to live classes this upcoming week. This will be a huge change and hopefully will bring some relief to teachers and students who have been struggling during online schooling. Class won’t be the only normalcy students will be experiencing in the next few months. High school football will also be making a return. 

Although our eight man football is yet to be confirmed at OAHS, regular sized teams such as Righetti and Santa Maria High will definitely be having games soon. There are currently 10 teams set to start playing in this bizarre March season and according to Joe Bailey of the Santa Maria Times, this is the ranking we might end of seeing at the end of it:


  1. St. Joseph
  2. Lompoc
  3. Arroyo Grande
  4. Paso Robles
  5. Santa Barbara
  6. Mission Prep
  7. Righetti
  8. Santa Ynez
  9. San Luis Obispo
  10. Santa Maria


It’s important to remember that these are only pre-season predictions and the final outcome might be something unexpected. With no fans in the stands and most of the players being out of commission for over a year, truly anything could happen.