March Madness

The 2021 National Men’s College Division 1 Basketball Tournament took off to a roaring start, making its nickname “March Madness” look very fitting. 

The tournament began on March 19th, with a packed slate of 16 games. The day started early at 9 Pacific Time with competition continuing all the way until 10 at night. Many expected the tournament to be different this year, with obvious factors in play including limited fans, masked up bench players, and more health protocols to ensure a safe environment. One difference many fans did not see coming was the amount of upsets that occurred throughout the day, making some team’s seeding look ridiculous. One of these upset performances includes the 15 seed Oral Roberts Golden Eagles beating 2 seed Ohio State Buckeyes in an overtime thriller 75 to 72. To put the Golden Eagles win in perspective, a 15 seed team has not beat a 2 seed team for over 4 years in the tournament. Other standout performances seen on March 19th include 13 seed North Texas coming victorious against 4 seed Purdue, and 12 seed Oregon State crushing 5 seed Tennessee. Along with being exciting, these upsets have also made a big impact on the annual bracket challenges that come with the start of the tournament, where people make picks for who will win every played game in the hopes of winning money, pride, or just for the fun. Many fans hope that the following weeks of competition will continue to have the same intensity and unpredictability as teams advance down the line.