WandaVision Series Finale review *SPOILERS*

Marvel Studios highly rated Disney Plus original show has finally concluded with it’s ninth and final episode airing last friday. Overall, the show served both as a starting point for the future of Marvel movies, and as well an origin story of sorts for the Scarlet Witch. At last, the Scarlet Witch is finally born and this show feels like it was meant to properly introduce her into the franchise. Naturally, you can’t have a marvel related project without its own fair share of action scenes, and of course the final epic battle does not disappoint. The final confrontation between Agatha Harkness and Wanda feels just right. Wanda comes into this fight on her own, she accepts what she is and it is only when Wanda realizes herself, that she is able to defeat Agatha. 


The story of WandaVision never felt like a mystery, or a science fiction adventure, this story mostly felt like a proper send off for the Vision as Wanda finally accepts the past. Wanda’s character comes completely realized within the final episodes as she is finally able to let go of her grief for the greater good. Many side characters were also introduced such as Monica Rambeau, as well as Billy and Tommy. Monica is of course set to appear in Captain Marvel 2. Now that she has obtained her powers, who knows what kinds of trouble Monica will get into in the future.


While many might have been disappointed that their fan theories about demons and xmen never saw the light of day, many also forgot that WandaVision was never meant to bring in huge additions into the Marvel Universe. Wanda is after all set to appear in both Spiderman: No Way Home, and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. So could this be when the Scarlet Witch breaks, and rips open the universe as we know it? Who knows? Maybe we’ll even see a Wanda and Peter Parker interaction sometime down the line.


Although WandaVision’s finale might have disappointed some die hard Marvel fans, its finale beautifully wrapped up many storylines, while even bringing some new ones to the stage. Wanda finally accepting that Vision is and will stay dead, is both heartbreaking yet seemed inevitable from the beginning. However that didn’t stop people all over the world from crying their hearts out as Wanda responded to Vision’s, “What am I” question with , “You are my sadness, and my hope. But mostly you are my love.”