Spartan Speaks – Going Back to School

Students were asked how they felt about the school reopening on Thursday. After being at home and having distance schooling for over a year students have mixed feelings about returning to school this year. Even though it will be different, Orcutt Academy’s reopening is a big step towards life returning to normal.

 “I don´t want to go back. It seems kind of pointless to go back this year.¨

– Megan Bohn

¨It feels unnecessary because the year is almost over. Not everyone will be coming back and the social distancing rules will be awkward.¨

– Ivy Quach

¨I personally am not going to go back in person school, but I am excited to start fresh next year. I am nervous about COVID and I know some people don’t share the same beliefs as me (anti maskers) and I would rather not take my chances.¨

– Lindsey Syslo

¨I´m kind of nervous about it.¨

– Genevieve Greco

¨I’m excited to go back to school physically but also quite nervous since I haven’t had a lot of social interactions in the past year. ¨

– Sofia Balas

¨I don´t think it’s worth the risk to go back to school this late in the year.¨

– Vivian Meyer

¨I’m a little wary about how safety precautions are going to be enforced, but I’m eager to finally get some normality in life. I’m disappointed I won’t get to see many of my friends in other cohorts though.¨

– Elsa Theis

¨I’m excited to go back to school, but I’m also going to miss being at home all the time.¨

– Mia Berrios

¨I think that we should wait to start brand new next year and not rush everything. It’s exciting that I could get out of the house and see people but it’s just not the way I wanted it.¨

– Sierra Banks

¨I´m not too excited about going back to be honest.¨

-Cynessa Aguirre