March Madness 2021


With Covid-19 cases settling down in recent weeks, March Madness is planned to take place this month. While new cases are lowering, there will still be many Covid-19 precautions taken that will make this tournament different from years prior. For one, all of the games will be held in Indiana, mostly Indianapolis, compared to years before where games were held in various parts of the country. So far there are 67 games scheduled, with the first game on March 18 and the final game on April 5th. Even before the games take place, there will be a “Selection Sunday” on March 14 which will announce which teams will enter the tournament, each teams brackets, and each team’s seed position. There is a complete schedule which can be found here though it is noted on the NCAA’s websites that “…All dates are tentative because of changing conditions brought about by Covid-19.”


    While the ranking and tournament system will stay mostly the same as other years, the NCAA has needed to make a few adjustments due to all the games being played in Indiana. In most years, each school’s location and distance from the hosting location is a factor in how the brackets are put together. But this year, the bracket is being made solely on each school’s seed position, which is their ranking decided by the committee. The bracket change itself is referred to as a “S-curve” which eliminates the usual region based bracket system. You can read more about the change at the NCAA’s website