P.H.E.W Review





Put down your controllers, turn off the TV, and sit down with your friends with a deck of cards. When you play board or card games with friends, you get to connect with them on a level you don’t really get to over the phone or social networks. There are many different games to choose from, but the game Speed creates a friendly competition like no other. It tests your mental and physical skills. Both sides really want to win, and will do just about anything to do so. Have fun!



Hozier album

“Of Eden” by Hozier

In his breakthrough album, Irish singer Hozier brings something new to the world of alternative music. He sings with such soulful passion that you can’t help but to stop and listen to his words. His video for “Take Me to Church” has over nine million views. This is what music is all about, when a song and a video can raise the hairs on the back of your neck and make you think. When listening to some of the songs from his album like “Of Eden”, “Cherry Wine”, and “Jackie and Wilson” you can feed off of his passion and energy. It’s not necessarily what the song is about or how the artist meant it to be, but how it makes you feel, and how you interpret it. Definitely worth listening to.



Subway Flatizza

Are you ready for a change? Are you tired of ordering the same sandwiches from Subway all the time, even though you keep going back for more? Next time, try their new Flatizza! They’re little square pizzas made from their flatbread rolls and can be stacked high with all of your favorite ingredients! Next time you find yourself at your local Subway, try something new and get a Flatizza!


American Horror Story

American Horror Story

Creepy people everywhere! If you’re a fan of creepy, scary movies, try watching this ongoing creepy show American Horror Story and it’s new story Freak Show. The name says it all!