New Start Times 2021

Hello Spartans! While everyone has been concerned about laws being passed about COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions, another law that will be significantly changing the lives of students all across California has been recently passed. This law in question is one that requires all schools across the state to have a required start time of 8:30 in the morning so they can get more sleep. This means students at Orcutt Academy will have 40 extra minutes before school each morning starting next year. This might sound like a great change, but there are many downsides that outweigh the benefits.

The first reason is that the time lost in the morning will have to be added into the afternoon. This will become a major problem for sports and clubs that regularly hold meetings and practices after school. Since students need to have time to complete homework and have meals, practices and meetings may have to be shortened and parents will have to adapt to this new schedule as well. Along with this, in the winter months it will get dark very early making outdoor activities ineffective. 

The second reason is simply because it will most likely not work. Students, knowing that they have an extra 30 minutes to sleep in, will be encouraged and find reason to go to bed later. Not only would that not solve the teenage sleep problem, but this change might actually make it even worse.