Governor Gavin Newson takes down Stay at Home order

On Monday Gavin Newson surprised everyone by lifting California’s stay at home orders. These guidelines had been up since December and were supposed to last until our county of Santa Barbara cases decreased dramatically. After Newson saw the state’s hospitalization rate go down by 20% over the past few weeks, he changed his mind and allowed the county to head back to its purple tier restrictions. It’s important to remember that the purple tier is still the strictest tier of restrictions.

So what will these new restrictions allow us to do? Quite a lot. More than we’ve been able to do in the past couple of months. To begin, businesses and restaurants will now be able to have customers again; outside only of course. Along with this, hair salons and churches can open as well. But the biggest change we are going to see is with high school sports. 

Essentially during the months of the full lockdown no sports were allowed to practice at all. But now with these new restrictions, sports with minimal contact will be allowed to practice and will likely be having competitions sometime in the future. These sports, classified as purple tier sports, are tennis, golf, cross country, swimming, and track. So although it’s not confirmed in person school will be coming back anytime soon, Spartan athletes should be excited for what’s coming in the months ahead.