The Legacy of Hank Aaron

Since we are now nearly a week into Black History Month, I believe now is the perfect time to bring up the unfortunate death of Hank Aaron. A player who broke not only the record for home runs, but many racial barriers as well. 

On January 22, Aaron died in his sleep, but the long lasting impact he made will not be forgotten. Starting with his technical accomplishments, Hank has had one of the strongest statistical careers of all time. During his 23 years as a professional baseball player in the MLB, Aaron racked up the 2nd most home-runs ever in MLB’s history with a staggering 755. Along with this Aaron is a 25 time All-Star, won the World Series with the Milwaukee Braves, and is even ranked on the top 100 MLB players of all time.

Before Hank Aaron would find success in the MLB, he suffered many hardships because of his skin color. Aaron had to play for months in the Negro American League before he would even get a chance at the MLB. During this time where he had to take part in a segregated league, him and his teammates were treated horribly. Aaron even recalled restaurants being furious when his team came to eat. But despite all of this, Hank overcame all of it and managed to score a contract in the MLB where he would go on to open up a door for other black athletes trying to overcome the barrier. That same barrier that Aaron Hank faced head on and revolutionized the world of baseball.