Why we should get rid of Daylight Savings

Since we are now deep into the winter season here in California, now would be a great time to address the problem of daylight savings, and why it needs to be removed. But before I dive into why daylight savings is an issue today, I need to provide some background information on the subject.

Daylight savings was established back in 1966 under the idea that moving the clock one hour ahead in the spring would let people be more productive during the day by giving them an extra hour to sleep. The main downside to this theory is that in the winter the clocks have to be set back an hour causing loss of daylight in the evening. 

This darkness during the winter months can become a major inconvenience. For starters, with the amount of daylight being shortened in the afternoon people with school or work might not be able to participate in outdoor activities that need light. Another physical reason is that the time change can actually make some people sick. The hour of sleep taken away can disrupt our body’s usual routine causing negative side effects. This change can also cause mental damage as people tend to feel more gloomy and less motivated when it is dark out.

My recommendation to fix all of these problems is easy. Remove the whole idea. That may sound a bit unreasonable but this method has already been implemented by Arizona and Hawaii. I believe if other states begin to make the change we will feel and become more productive as a whole.