The Christmas Chronicles 2: A Review


The highly anticipated sequel to the 2018 Netflix original starring Kurt Russel, “ The Christmas Chronicles 2”  finally came to Netflix last week. This holiday movie is an enjoyable, fun, and light hearted watch. If you haven’t watched the original, basically the first movie follows the adventure of brother and sister duo, Kate and Teddy, as they accidentally hitch a ride on Santa’s sleigh. They go on a grand adventure around the world with Santa Claus all while trying to get back home just in time for Christmas. Kate Pierce returns for the sequel as well as her new sidekick, Jack Booker. The two originally planned on spending their Christmas holidays in the sunny beaches of Mexico, but however because of a mysterious portal leading to the North Pole, their Christmas vacation gets cut short. Once again they are greeted with Jack Russells Santa Claus and of course, once again, Kate Pierce must find a way to return to her family.


What this movie excels in the most, is by far the comedy and Christmas spirit. Often times, I found myself laughing at the witty and smart jokes thrown around by the characters. Most of the characters were lovable. However, the weakest link of this movie was in fact the younger actors. I felt that at times some of the acting from the children was a bit off and it seemed to me like their performance was not as good as it could have been. By far the strongest thing about this movie was Santa Claus, and Mrs. Claus. Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn knocked it out of the park with their performance. Every Time they were on screen I said, “ That’s Mr. and Mrs. Claus.” They perfectly reimagined classic characters into realistic and lovable portrayals. So what do you think, will you be adding this one to your Christmas movie watch list?