Eat that Frog! Book Review

Eat that Frog! by Brian Tracy is a self-help book that goes over a list of steps you can take to eliminate procrastination. The book begins by giving a brief overview of the issue and consequences of procrastination and time management, before immediately going into possible solutions. Here’s a quick rundown of the book’s main points. First, the book brings up the 80/20 rule, which means focusing your time and effort on the 20% of the tasks you need to do which will bring you 80% of the results. Along with this, the book emphasizes the importance of planning out everything you need to get done the night beforehand, preferably writing down a physical list of tasks. Similarly to the last point, the book also recommends you make a list of long-term goals to help keep you motivated and help you remember what you are working for. The book concludes around the central idea of “eating the frog,” or working on your biggest task at hand before anything else. 


While this book does bring up some good points for helping get rid of procrastination, I feel like it lacks in originality and you can find most of the information elsewhere. Even with a lack of originality, the book still condenses the information down into easy to understand points with actionable steps, which in my opinion still makes it worth reading. The book is also fairly short making it convenient for anyone who is currently struggling with procrastination and needs some quick guidance.