Thanksgiving Football Tradition

For years, football has been the iconic Thanksgiving sport. The first ever even Thanksgiving Day football game was played in 1869 in Philadelphia. The game was a match between the German Town Cricket Club and the American Cricket Club which took place at 12 o’clock. This year’s game took place only two weeks after what was considered to be the first ever football game. This game was also later followed by Princeton and Yale, who were the first college teams to start playing games on Thanksgiving. Even high school teams across the country began to play games on Thanksgiving. 


Nowadays, the NFL schedules three days on Thanksgiving every year. Specifically, there are always two teams that play in these games, The Dallas Cowboys and the Detroit Lions. The Lions have played a game every Thanksgiving since 1934, only missing one year since. Similarly, the Cowboys have played a Thanksgiving game every day since 1966, only missing two games since. Playing these games each year has given both of these teams a lot of exposure, which is one of the reasons these teams play this day. The NFL games that will be played this year will be the Texans versus the Lions, Washington versus the Cowboys, and the Ravens versus the Steelers. Playing games every year have even created some team rivalries between various teams. There are some high schools who have over 100 year old rivalries of Thanksgiving games.


 Even people who are usually not interested in football many times tune in to watch these games as they have become such a large part of Thanksgiving tradition.