Joe Biden Wins the 2020 Election

After a tumultuous election season, Joe Biden was elected as president last Saturday, November 7. This news came after a longtime of unknowing, with both him and Donald Trump neck and neck in the election. This news also sparked many claims of voter fraud, mostly coming from Trump and his supporters. 


As of now, Biden has strengthened his lead, with 290 electoral votes, while Trump has 232. This has not been the case throughout most of the election, as on election night favorability switched back and forth between the two. It wasn’t until Biden secured Michigan and Wisconsin where the odds began to turn in his favor. And it wasn’t until even later that Biden won Pennsylvania which put him over the 270 electoral votes needed to win. Biden is now projected to also win Georgia which would lengthen his lead even more. 


Quickly after results came in, Trump and others made claims of voter fraud, especially regarding the close swing states. Shortly after, lawsuits were filed in those states regarding the same issue. People were quick to fight back against these claims, and as of now Trump has lost lawsuits in both Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Arizona. These losses have further strengthened Biden’s win. 


After Joe Biden’s victory was announced, there were mixed reactions throughout the country. While many people were seen celebrating his win, there were also many people dissatisfied with this election’s results, showing the divide that exists in our country.