From a student’s point of view

2020 has been quite different from past years for many, many reasons that have severely affected how schools function. And what do students think about online classes? Well, let’s see what one student thinks about the current circumstances.


November 20, 2020, Logan Kerns is hastily working to get his assignments in before they are due. With 5 assignments due at midnight, he has been fighting between working and procrastination all day. To not fall behind, he keeps working to make sure his assignments get turned in on time. While working on assignments he states, “in the moment it’s pretty terrible, but the satisfaction afterward is worth it.” He thinks that the homework from his teachers is not too unreasonable, though.


Even though he is not a huge fan of Zoom, Logan Kerns attends classes. “Most people don’t like to have their cameras on… and it just makes me not enjoy Zoom.” He also adds that he definitely misses his classmates, but doesn’t think it makes sense to go back to school in person this school year.