Night: Book Review

Night is a memoir written by Elie Wiesel about his experiences during the holocaust, specifically in concentration camps. The book begins with him and his family being taken by German soldiers and to Auschwitz, one of the Nazi’s concentration camps. He recalls many of the cruel experiences he is put through, and talks about finally being released from the camp. While he goes through these awful situations, we learn about his struggles with his connection to his faith and with his family, especially his father. 


This book is also important on a wider scale for various reasons. For one, it gives readers a first hand experience of what many people went through during the holocaust and how the Jewish people and other oppressed groups reacted to and handled their situation. Along with this, the story demonstrates the biological limitations of humans and how strong humans drive to survive is. 


Personally, I believe this book is a great read as it helps put one’s own life into perspective as well as lets you experience the struggles and difficulties of someone living an entirely different life.. Some people online believe this book can be too violent and gory, but many reviews are positive claiming that detailed descriptions really bring light to howhorrific the holocaust was. Common Sense Media gives this book a 5/5, while Goodreads gives it a 4.3/5.