The Future of Testing

In May of 2020, the California University Board of Regents eliminated the use of the ACT and SAT tests in applications for admissions to colleges. This decision came with lots of arguing and controversy, with hopes that this change would open up the playing field for all students attempting to attend California colleges. 


As a high school student myself, this decision by the board does not only affect me but all of the students in my school and beyond. The SAT and ACT tests began back in 1959, and were created to test a students cognitive thinking skills, rather than focusing on the content learned at school. 


While I can see both sides of the argument on eliminating the tests, I think that the tests should be taken out of the admission process due to how outdated they are in comparison to today’s world. First off, the CoronaVirus has made the testing very difficult to bring to students when most schools in California are either online or in a hybrid model. Continuing to count the tests would give students in wealthy schools an advantage in the admission system because the poorer schools lack the resources to bring testing to everyone enrolled. Also, large impactful tests are the last thing students should be concerned about during these anxious and stressful times. 


Taking these reasons and more into consideration, I think the California University board made the right decision for the future of testing with positive intentions in mind.