2020 Election


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During the past couple of days all eyes across the country have been glued on the 2020 Presidential Election, and for good reason as well. 

This is one of the most closely contested elections we have seen in many years, neither Joe Biden or Donald Trump were even able to hold a substantial lead until this Friday morning. 

The reason behind a race so close like this was the occurrence of a large amount of swing states. So what are “swing states”? Swing states are identified as states which could be won by either candidate. This is usually done by one candidate managing to get a large “swing” of votes, henceforth the name swing states. 



    According to The Associated Press we had twelve swing states this election. Seven going to Biden, and the other five to Trump. The two states Biden managed to flip last night were Pennsylvania and Georgia. These states could very well clear the path for a Biden victory as long as he manages to hold on to those electoral votes. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean Trumps out for reelection, but it’s going to take quite a comeback for him to get himself back into the race. In order for a comeback like that to happen though Trump will need to get a high majority of the remaining ballots still in need of being counted. This is a nearly impossible task though, as the majority of mail in and absentee ballots are blue. 

    With all the odds in his favor, and a lead of fifty electoral votes, it seems only inevitable for Biden to take the presidency, but without any official declaration anything can happen. Everyone make sure to keep yourselves updated throughout the upcoming weeks.