Dodgers Win the World Series

On October 27, the LA Dodgers secured a win in the World Series against the Tampa Bay Rays. The series went back and forth, but the Dodgers ended up on top with a 4-2 lead, winning the final game 3-1. This was also their seventh World Series win, putting them in third for number of series won. Throughout the regular season, the Dodgers kept a .717 winning percentage, which is the second-highest of any eventual World Series Champion. The last time the Dodgers won the series was in 1988. On top of this, the win becomes even more impressive knowing the changes in the season due to the pandemic. The season was shortened from 162 to just 60 games, and all games were played with no fans. 


While the Dodgers did pull off a victory, there were a few mishaps that happened after the game. During the game, one of the Dodgers players, Justin Turner, tested positive for Covid-19 and was taken off the field and quarantined after the seventh inning. Later on after the game was over, Turner disregarded security and went back on the field to celebrate with the rest of the team, putting others at risk of catching the virus. The MLB released a statement regarding this situation and have started an investigation for it. This act has also sparked a lot of controversy on how the ordeal should be handled.